Mexican fish pie

I know it sounds strange. Let me explain… I had a fish pie mix from Ocado. I was poaching the fish in peppered milk. I had added leeks, dill and lemon zest but I couldn’t find the potatoes! Somewhere in the house are our carefully stored garden-dug potatoes, but I couldn’t see where. Thus I needed an alternative. I thought that pasta or noodles would not do justice to the comfort-food element of the dish. It isn’t that pasta isn’t comforting, it’s beautiful…covered in a thick sauce or served with spiced sausage or sea food (thank you Carluccio’s) but I feel that it should be a dish in itself or be served as a side, not as a topping. I had just made my own version of gorditas for lunch tomorrow, to go with salsa. I had again, not been able to find the ingredients I wanted, so they are made from gluten free bread flour with herbs and buttermilk. Purists will of course say that these are not gorditas, and they have a point. This was however what they were inspired by. Anyway, I thought it would just be too bready and would potentially take ages to cook (as opposed to how I was cooking the gordita mix already- by frying). So, I remembered I had some coarse cornmeal in the cupboard from when I made fried green tomatoes. So, I mixed some with bread and made a sort of mash alternative dumpling topping thing. Hopefully, it will be a good alternative to actual potatoes and not be an all-out disaster.


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