Food this week

Having gorged myself last week on gluten-free salami pizza topped with what I could find in the fridge (the original and not necessarily to be repeated combination of turkey slices, Indian takeaway spinach side dish leftovers and gem lettuce,) this week the food so far has improved! I mean, admittedly it started getting better from the weekend onwards, with a combination of salad with mandarin dressing, a cheese board, and Saturday night dinner of sausages, celeriac mash, onion confit and red cabbage gravy and broccoli. Oh, and follow that with my Mum’s really immense Caribbean stuffed beef. It’s amaaaaazing. Slow cooked beef stuffed with prunes and olives and all sorts of amazing things, with a red pepper sauce. Compared to that, last night’s meal does sound a little dull, but I was pleased with it! Ocado had an offer on gluten free gnocchi, and I was rather excited, so I bought three varieties. I had tomato gnocchi with an onion confit (can you tell what I have open in the fridge?), tomato puree, mushroom and cream cheese sauce. This also worked well cold as today’s lunch.
I am now dreaming of Thursday and the meal we are having at a friend’s house. We are crashing their house and taking dinner. Not a bad deal. It’s going to be something with pheasant (we have a freezer full, something about living in the countryside) but I haven’t decided what yet. For pudding I have evaporated and condensed milk in the freezer, so I was wondering whether to make a banoffee pie, as this would certainly please my husband. Other ideas I’m looking at are here:


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