Happy New Year!

I know it’s a little way into 2015 before wishing you a ‘Happy New Year’, but let me do so now.

My new favourite thing- cheese and chutney. “That’s old!” I hear you cry! However, having spent years as someone who looked down on chutney as inferior to jam, I have now been converted. For really, what could be better than eating up your (copious amounts of) Christmas cheddar with various varieties of chutney. Be that the homemade spiced tropical fruit variety (which we apparently gave away every single jar of,) the garlic-tomato variety which was given to us in a three set or the cheapest one we could find on Ocado, I am proud to say I am now a chutney-lover. It’s spicy or sharp or spiced but all round I love that it cuts through creamier textures and provides a contrast. Therefore my first packed lunch of 2015 was… a cheese and chutney sandwich. Old school rules.

In other news, New Year’s feast 2014 was as follows…

My Mum’s massively amazing butter fried foie gras with confit d’oignion (another thing we made for Christmas but actually selfishly kept most jars of) on toast

Haggis ravioli- my husband’s hand made buckwheat pasta stuffed with a creme fraiche, haggis, carrot and chestnut puree mix, served with an (overly peppery) pepper sauce, topped with a dollop of creme fraiche and another squirt of chestnut puree. Oh, and it was on a bed of carrots. Or as I like to call it, a nest.

Wild boar with a very rich red wine and mushroom sauce.

Chocolate souflees inside dark un-sugared cocoa-crepes. My sisters invention- oven baked. Un-sugared crepes make a surprisingly un-filling pudding and an unsurprisingly good next day tea snack also.

Chocolate covered fruit- Sharron, strawberries, satsumas and mango.



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