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Having been inspired in my last menu by Delia’s ‘Frugal Food’, I am now planning my next menu. It is now moving towards what I cook in short amounts of time when I am tired in the evening/can be slow cooked/can be bulk cooked and varied for lunches. A website I have been looking at is: The ‘poppers’ listed below are inspired from here:
Another useful website:
Mini pizzas are inspired by as is the chicken liver Bolognese
I am also starting to think ahead as we have a store cupboard of jam full enough to feed an army

I have not included all the meals on the menu here as I didn’t think they were all interesting enough to mention!

Sunday 5th October
B- Scrambled eggs
L- Butternut squash gratin with lardons and hazelnuts

Monday 6th
B- Fish finger sandwiches
L- Potato and cheese cake (like a giant potato frittata/rosti)
T- Meaza (Pizza with a meat base)

Tuesday 7th
L- Pasta salad with homemade tomato sauce and cheese
T- Egg fried rice

Wednesday 8th
L- Ham and salad sandwich

Thursday 9th
L- Courgette and chicken poppers and salad

Friday 10th
L-  Tuna and apple salad in a roll
T- Mushrooms on toast

Saturday 11th
L- Fennel and apple coleslaw with pork schnitzel
T- Out at event/soup from cupboard

Sunday 12th
T- Slow cooked beef stew

Monday 13th
Noodles with thai sauce and stir fry
T- Onion, goats cheese and spinach pasta

Tuesday 14th
L- Roasted veg with goats cheese
T- Mini pizzas

Wednesday 15th
L- Roasted veg with couscous
T- Split pea Dhal with curried spinach (make more than needed)

Thursday 16th
L- Roasted veg with ham
T- Sausage, apple and leek pies

Friday 17th
L- Dhal dip with carrots
T- Liver and lentil bolognese

Saturday 18th
B- Bacon and eggs


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