Today is Saturday, and that means a lie-in. Plus, of course, brunch! We (well, my husband) have a nice walnut loaf which I got at  a lovely new bakery. Then we have eggs (of course, because of our very helpful chickens) and many tomatoes. Today is also in general going to involve researching and cooking lots of ways to use green tomatoes. Being a fan of ‘Fried Green Tomatoes…’ that one will definitely be on the list. Then we have some bacon and et voila. A good brunch. Obviously, if we were going all out, we would probably add sausages and mushrooms and hash browns and tomato ketchup and some sort of relish and maybe a muffin and yoghurt and fruit salad and some juice but this is the ‘every day’ brunch version!

In the mean time, I am planning our next two week menu (ideally £50 for 2 for two weeks) and I am using these websites as a helping hand:

and of course, the Queen of frugal foods, Delia:


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