Student lunches x1

I have now started a new university course and in an effort to both save money and for ease because I am gluten/wheat free, I am making lunches the night before to take into campus. 

The first lunch was pea and potato pakoras. I got the recipe from BBC Good Food, I think the Simple Suppers cook book. I adapted the recipe slightly and probably added more curry powder, because I like a strong flavour. My sister gave us some carrot top pesto and I dipped the pakoras in this.

Today’s lunch was courgette fritters with roasted vegetables (I got a ready-to-cook packet from Asda so there were onions and peppers mostly.) I just cut up slices of courgette, ideally this should be grated and add an egg or two and flour so that it becomes a thick pancake batter. It needs to be thick enough to hold it’s shape when you put it in the pan to fry. I would add the flour into this mix slowly. Don’t do what I did and have a flour disaster where you have to add milk in order to save the mixture and therefore have a finished product which is rather more like chewy/steamed buns.

I am currently making mixed bean burgers (using a tin a mixed beans including green beans and sweetcorn mixed with one egg, pepper and cayenne). I am going to have them with tomato salsa.

Tonight’s student supper is a white fish and tomato stew with rice added in and more pesto.


2 thoughts on “Student lunches x1

  1. Hello lovely food-loving friend,
    A courgette fritter recipe I used (I think from BBC good food website) worked well and is an easy one to remember;
    2 medium courgettes (grated)
    2 tablespoons of plain flour (obviously GF for you)
    25g parmesan cheese (grated)
    Mix in bowl and shallow fry. They turned out well. You could add egg to bind but the parmesan melts and binds. I bought some parmesan to make them again. Not a cheap ingredient but at least it lasts!

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