Frugal food

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This week we are having to be careful with the food budget which is really challenging my creativity. Fortunately, it’s August and that means bumper crops of potatoes (with caterpillars), green beans, courgettes and blackberries from the garden. So far (and to be frank, I’m fairly proud of this); goat stew (goat from freezer) made in the slow cooker with tea, and dried fruit and pomegranates from the store cupboard with some garam masala. Served with rice and happy little green discs of courgette fried on the crepe pan. There’s been Sudanese flat breads (helpful recipe which I adapted from here: I got the idea for these from a great cookbook my sister was given for her birthday. I would recommend it; lots of interesting recipes and information and it’s to help an international women’s charity. This evening I have stewed blackberries with water (they have got to the very ripe fall-apart-as-you-pick stage and this means they don’t really need anything to sweeten). I intend to pour this mixture when it’s just warm over chocolate ice cream (that which I stopped us from finishing earlier.) Then there’s always eggs, ah having chickens, what a joy!


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