Here is some advice…If you start a diet, don’t do it:
a- When you start new work hours which involve less lunch break and less sleep
b- When you don’t have any more time than you used to have to make healthy food
c- When the concept of the diet is misunderstood or a little bit guilt-ridden.

Let me explain. It was difficult to begin with. I had less sleep and longer hours in the first week of my diet. This meant I was tired and needed more food but what I would usually go to; chocolate, a quick piece of toast, starchy comforts, were all forbidden. The longer work hours meant less time to cook at lunch, and I usually come home and make something but there wasn’t quite enough time. So I ate less, and got grumpy and emotional. Point c- thoroughly understand the ‘rules’ of your diet so that you don’t deprive yourself of things you are actually allowed (e.g. if it’s a ‘low’, not ‘no’ carb diet then you can have beans and carrots sometimes.) Guilt is a difficult one. It seems to come hand in hand with telling yourself that you are/are not allowed something. I fight guilt in general as I think it’s an unhealthy emotion. Particularly when it comes to food. Food should be a joy. As you can see, my initial diet started as something rather joy-less. Then my dear family came back from holiday and told me to pull myself together. They also told me I was doing the diet wrong and wasn’t eating enough as this is the kind of diet where you supplement and are never supposed to feel hungry, even if you cannot eat exactly what you wish. So here is to my Mum and my sister, who have now provided me with advice, with dinners and with a plethora of amazing lunchtime soups. It’s much easier now! So last piece of advice- do it with others and have a chat about how you are doing regularly. Support and encouragement will help.

PS- It’s working!


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