Day Three

The pudding at our friend’s house turned out quite well in the end- we poached pears in raspberry and cranberry juice with some cinnamon and served with cream.

I decided that day three would be vegetarian as well as low carb and sugar, this didn’t work AT ALL. I did make protein bread, thanks to my Mum’s amazing recipe (it’s made out of ground nuts and eggs, no flour at all) and we started off the day with fake bread and scrambled eggs. Lunch time was a mozzarella and tomato salad but it ended off being topped by salami. Dinner was cauliflower cheese. I made the sauce with natural yoghurt and mixed in the butternut squash and white bean dip, milk and Cheddar cheese. Turns out that cauliflower needs bacon, so lardons it was. Also, i preparation for day four, I roasted a whole chicken with salt and pepper and when I had taken off what I needed, we ate the rest hot out of the oven. It must be one of the only rewards for not being allowed my Easter chocolate! 


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