The first day


Sausages and scrambled eggs for breakfast- not too bad really! Then there were apple slices sandwiched with peanut butter to snack on. After work snack was artichoke with hot pie filling from yesterday- turkey mince and sausages cooked in an amazing reduced beef brisket gravy. Lunch was a tuna salad with baby gem lettuce, mango dressing, mixed olives and feta, artichokes and lots of seeds. Dinner is a ‘Whopper salad’. I saw the idea online yet I see a few flaws in my plan. A- I have never eaten a Whopper burger and therefore in order to create a salad equivalent, I will need to imagine what is inside. B- I don’t have any pickled gherkins or cucumbers and I imagine these are involved. Nevertheless, it’s going to be bowls of lettuce leaves topped with tomatoes, vampire chutney (an EXTREMELY garlicky present from my husband), beef mince cooked with onions and seeds. Topped off with a lot of cress that I just got in Sainsburys for 12p in the reduced section. Got to love the end of day.


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