Day two

Today I have been hungry. There are a few reasons for this- one is that I started to be healthier yesterday and therefore having eaten less carbs, I woke up hungry at the beginning of the day. Second reason- despite a successful sausage and egg ‘muffin’ (sausage meat squashed to make a muffin case and topped with an egg), I couldn’t find all the sausages I bought (well stocked fridge) and therefore only had one and was hungry. I had melon for seconds but what’s filling about melon! Third reason- working at home this morning meant a closer proximity to food than usual. Lunch was good- tomato and basil soup with celery and Jarlsburg to dip into a butternut and white bean dip (slow roasted the squash in sundered tomato oil) and finished with lemon rind and juice. Tonight we are going round a friend’s house to cook them dinner and it’s chicken legs with red peppers and spring greens and I am going to have to be creative about a low carb- low sugar pudding. It will maybe involve eggs or cream or fruit.DSC_0465 DSC_0467


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