Trying again

After what can only be described as a failure of a diet, here is the second attempt. Not so much as diet as a healthy eating plan (the word ‘diet’ must frighten us into chocolate eating!)

Sunday 16th March
B- Porridge
L- Slow cooked ham with potatoes and peas
T- Roasted veg salad (hot) with leftover ham (NO POTATOES)

Monday 17th March- V DAY
B- Smoothie
L- Tomato and cheese salad
T- Home made pizza and salad

Tuesday 18th March
B- Scrambled eggs and toast
L- Chunky soup or polenta and roast veg salad
T- Peppers stuffed with mince

Wednesday 19th March
B- Porridge
L- Curried baked beans on toast
T- ‘French’ style salad- roasted veg and goats cheese with lardons/black pudding

Thursday 20th March
B- Porridge
L- Sandwiches
T- Slow cooked beef and squash stew

Friday 21st March
B- (Grilled) bacon and scrambled eggs
L- Tuna and cornichon salad
T- Prawns, lime and rice

Saturday 22nd March
B- Stuffed apples
L- Soup
T- Chicken stew with corn dumplings

Sunday 23rd March
B- Smoothie
L- Roasted veg with cheese
T- Egg fried rice and veg

Monday 24th March
B- Stewed hot fruit with yoghurt
L- Lime and pepper Steak and salad
T- Potato, tuna, olive and tomato bake

Tuesday 25th March
B- Porridge
L- Sandwiches
T- Schnitzel and salad

Wednesday 26th March
B- Fruit salad, natural yoghurt and honey
Snack- Healthy flapjack
L- Cured meat salad
T-  Slow cooked ham and birthday cake

Thursday 27th March- V DAY
B- Fruit salad and yoghurt
L- Roasted peppers with goats cheese and rice.
T- Stewed beans with fried egg (and guacamole?)

Friday 28th March
B- Sausages and eggs
L- Antipasti salad
T- Dahl (sp?!) and rice

Saturday 29th March
B- Porridge
L- Goats cheese salad
T-French evening

YES- Dark chocolate, fruit and veg
NO- Sugar, carbs more than once a day (oats and corn don’t count)
DO have fruit or veg with everything!


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