Salad again

I feel like I am slowly but surely winning the salad battle with my husband- the other day we had one with apple and black pudding croutons, with feta, lettuce, two types of nut, and a mango vinegar. He had started off with mixed feelings about the panzella type thing… probably I had not had time to do it justice in terms of making the croutons beautiful and crispy and full of flavour before stirring them into the chunky pieces of tomato, steeped in oil and vinegar and I could have been more ‘outside of the box’ instead of using the Cheddar because it was easy to find in the fridge.

I can tell that the ‘trying to be inventive’ with salad thing is paying off because whilst I was tidying ready for some guests the other day, I left my husband to make lunch, which was salad. What I received was beautiful baby gem lettuce leaves and thin skinned strips of cucumber fried and served hot with bacon lardons, melting pieces of goats cheese and a soft middle orange yoked poached egg on top. If this is diet food, I think I can cope with it.

DISCLAIMER- I know that frying your salad leaves does NOT constitute diet food!


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