First ‘healthy’ day

Well, here’s the thing. We started off rather badly. There was my corn porridge idea, ok on the packet but in reality eating something which was only really palatable because it was covered in honey. Then there was the fact that I’d made the presumption it would expand like normal porridge, it doesn’t. Instead it sort of condenses and could potentially solidify. So the portions were all wrong and it felt a bit like hard work getting through the unappetising corn porridge (which quite obviously should be savoury and served with bacon or sausages), with the added hardship (not really a hardship but it points out something about my fruit intake) of at the same time getting through a bowlful of apple chunks. By about 10 am I was emailing my husband telling him I was starving, he was too and as it happens, particularly grumpy when I saw him at lunch time. This is a downfall of the small breakfast and so I come to tip number one:

Makes sure your portion sizes are right or you will be hungry and snack!

Lunchtime was something like panzella. This was much better- nice big toasted croutons mixed in with herbs, black pepper, balsamic vinegar and tomatoes. We put a little Cheddar on top- not very Italian admittedly. However, due to the failure of a breakfast, it wasn’t filling enough. So it resulted in something off the snack list- one piece of toast with peanut butter and banana and half a mango each. 

Dinner was not very ‘diety’ either- baked pieces of leek with gammon (slow cooked from lunchtime onwards), red pesto and milk. The difficulty came when we left the house and were offered French Pate du fruits, chocolate covered mints and cookies. Today I think we have more of a balance as I am less hungry, but maybe that’s because I’ve eaten all the brownies we were given on Sunday (just so they aren’t in the fridge any more?!) I’m obviously particularly good at this self discipline thing. Got to go now, friends round for dinner and we have to prepare the starter and also consider how do you not eat the banana frozen yoghurt that you’ve made yourself (especially when you know it contains a tin of beautiful condensed milk)?! That is a quandary!


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