Easy like a Saturday morning

Today we got up late and popped to the supermarket. Rather impressed with Tesco’s growing selection of eggs. I’ve asked my husband for a box of duck eggs for Valentine’s day. I would prefer this to a bottle of rose or a box of chocolates, though obviously these would be nice. We got some smoked bacon, some berry smoothie, potato waffles and some Chestnut Maran eggs. We brought them home and had a pretty amazing breakfast/brunch as a consequence, accompanied by a freshly brewed tea. (My husband has recently purchased do it yourself tea bags from the internet, which makes using leaf tea a lot easier.)

I’ve just finished planning the healthy (?!) meal plan for the next two-ish weeks. Since getting married (or since knowing me and my family for my husband), we have both put on weight and so February is the time when we attempt to make things right. We are going to attempt something low-carb (by that I mean limited) with limited dairy and sugars. So we shall see how it goes…!

Here’s the plan:


B- Corn porridge with honey and apple slices

L- Something like panzella- tomato and toasted bread croutons  balsamic salad

T- Leeks baked with ham and cheese

B- Porridge with berries from freezer

L- Peach and parma ham salad

T- Ras-el-hanout, cheese and jelly oatcakes. Slow cooked pork in cider, half baked potatoes and peas. Banana ice cream to go with C’s pavlova

B- Toast

L- Salad Nicoise (tuna, olives, lettuce, and boiled eggs)

T- Stir fry with cashews

B- Boiled eggs with soldiers

L- Feta and carrot salad

T- Dinner at Mum and Dad’s

B- Bacon and scrambled eggs

L- Soup made (with ham stock from freezer)

T- Caprese salad (tomato and mozerella)

B- Courgette pancakes with goats cheese

L- Tuna and olive, lettuce salad

T- Meal in out


B- Corn porridge with apple and honey

L- Lardon, goats cheese, tomato and lettuce salad

T- Cupcakes and white bread ham sandwiches with tea.

D- Slow cooked goat with dried fruit and potatoes.

B- Low carb pancakes with fruit

L- Antipasto

T- Courgette, lemon and basil salad. Yoghurt.

B- Smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers (rye/ryvita)

L- Apple and pecan lettuce salad with orange dressing

T- Roast goose with potatoes and veg. Dried fruit creams.

B- Oat, banana and yoghurt -honey smoothie

L- Trout and aubergine pate served on/with lettuce leaves

T- Celeriac dauphinois and cucumber/tomato salad

B- Porridge

L- Tomato, anchovy and bread salad.

T- From freezer/away

Meals away/ Lobster in butter sauce if here with rice and nice veg. Soufflé 



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