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Last night, as I was feeling better and had been back to work, we had a three courser- oat cakes topped with bean pate and tomato salsa, followed by my husband’s homemade spaghetti with cheese and smoky bacon and followed by pumpkin and apples, stewed with spices and topped with cornflakes mixed with golden and red plum syrup and marshmallows. My conclusion is this, left to our own devices, when in reasonably good health and at the times when we are less busy than usual, we have both got to the stage where food brings us a lot of joy. We have also identified that it’s nice to be in the kitchen cooking at the same time, but not cooking the same thing. It only works if we have separate tasks/dishes.

This evening we have started with a packet of mini eggs- an unconventional starter but also a worrying reminder, that a- given a chance we would happily eat hundreds of these and b- the supermarkets obviously think January means it’s Easter.

My husband has cooked us dinner- it’s in the oven now in the ‘Aromatop’. Goat tagine/curry with garam masala, raz al hanout and all the tomatoes that were left in the fridge. Served with my husband’s new favourite (inspired hopefully by the successes of goose fat at Christmas)- roast potatoes.  I have decided I like goat- it’s best in a strong sauce I think as it’s quite boney and really a fair bit of effort to eat but the sauce means it’s all part of a longer meal and eating experience. There are three more packets in the freezer. We may be fat before the month is out.


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