Getting better

I have been ill since New Year’s day and it developed into something really not very fun (almost constant coughing and needing to blow my nose- I got through over 200 tissues) and then, a loss of taste. The last was one of the saddest. We went round my parent’s house recently so I could have some of my Mum’s wonderful cooking and I could only taste the white bait for about a second before the taste disappeared again. Today, fortunately, I can taste again. It really does take the joy out of things not being able to taste what you are eating. You can see the beautiful roasted vegetables and you know that they are sweet and crispy, you are assured by your husband that the lamb dish that’s making him cough from heat does actually contain quite a lot of middle eastern spices but whilst it affects his nose, it does not change yours.

Today I had comfort food- toast and Marmite, potato waffles, a fried egg and smoky bacon (my favourite) and for tea it’s a beef stew filled with fresh vegetable goodness courtesy of my husband’s Mum and served with fried halloumi (another favourite.) This, coupled with Earl grey tea, smoothie, vitamin c, tissues, a hot water bottle, multi vitamins and Seven Seas vitamin drink mean that tomorrow I should be able to go back to work without people secretly wondering if I have something highly infectious when I cough, like plague perhaps. I want to say that food has made me well and at other times it has, but I am more inclined to go with massive amounts of rest and sleep that I have kindly had enforced by those I love. Also, when you feel rough, sadly, you don’t feel like cooking!


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