New Year’s day

Last night we went round our friend’s house and had a big meal with friends: poor man’s Wellington (sausage and black pudding), gratin dauphinois, seasonal veg, a beautiful olive oil and chocolate cake. Everyone brought something to add to the various courses. Today we went back round for a New Year’s day brunch: bacon, fried eggs, sausage, tomatoes, baked beans, beer bread and mushrooms. The rain, combined with this meal, put pay to the idea of a healthy walk to start the new year.

Also, I am feeling pretty tired after last night. I’m not hung over in case that’s what you were thinking: I only had one peach Bellini so I could drive us home but I went to sleep about 3am and  now I feel like I might be coming down with something. Probably it should be an early night so I can cope with the last two days of work this week. Might try the ‘food cure’ before this though. Ideally a New Year’s food cure should be healthy; a beautiful salad with cold meat and seasonal citrus fruit/salsa, a smoothie with some super-foods thrown in, some fresh juices and an all round balanced affair in order to aid the body’s healing and rejuvenation. HOWEVER, I have used up a lot of those kinds of ingredients. It may have to be juice from a carton and a comforting potato and onion dish (still good but doesn’t feel healthy) with a little glass of mead to make me feel less coldy. Feels a bit more rural England than Sunny California also. I am sure that if I lived there though, the option for the healthier start for 2014 would be more easily accessible!

Resolutions for 2014:

  1. Become a Queen of puddings- perfecting all manner of steamed sponges, sticky toffee, spotted dick, and tarts
  2. Write more
  3. See more friends and family
  4. Go to two new cities- preferably Vienna and Budapest
  5. Start a supper club- once a month, 4 friends, 3 courses and they bring the wine. This will give me a chance to develop my skills and widen my cooking repertoire but also to be creative on a budget- using interesting ingredients including lesser known cuts of meat.

That reminds me, to add to this evening’s dinner I was going to make a sponge pudding with the lovely syrup my sister used to preserve fruit.

Happy New Year!


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