New things

My husband is currently in the kitchen making pasta. It’s no mean feat with wheat free flour. I got him a pasta maker for Christmas and he’s making two varieties. One is a Raymond Blanc recipe and it’s lovely and salty. With this, he is making vermicelli and tagliatelle but as it doesn’t hold together as well for stuffed pasta, he’s also making a recipe from a Channel 4 Italian programme. This consists of 100g flour to one egg- simple! And it it’s being filled with roasted pumpkin flavoured with herbs. What happy little parcels of joy! It’s very special to be made pasta, I have to say. Since going wheat free, I’ve lost one of my favourite parts of the supermarket- the fresh pasta section. I used to go and buy lots and lots- sundried tomato and goats cheese, tiny tortellini with sausage meat. We are going to have ours with some gammon and veg and maybe some melted butter.

Another new thing is pudding. I am making a brussel sprout cake. Wierd I know. We shall see how it turns out. I have adapted a recipe I found for Brussel and carrot and made it with apples, two kinds of muscovado sugar and ground cloves. Mmmm?!


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