My favourite things

Last night I couldn’t have mushroom croquettes. I was going to do a white sauce with cheese and mushrooms, refrigerate and bread crumb, then fry them but it turned out we had no butter and no cheese. Fail.

Instead we had red split peas with cabbage, fried mushrooms and tomatoes and one large bacon crouton (yes, it does say something about my grill.) It wasn’t that bad but I’d been using up things that were about after the croquette disappointment and therefore the amount we ended up with was more like a starter. This called for a trip on our way out to Sainsburys, where we bought (A-MAZING) chocolate mousses with a large layer of salted caramel at the bottom. Then I felt better.

Today my husband is cooking dinner. We are having mince with gram flour home made wraps and an (overly spicy- I can say this because I did that part) accompanying salsa. This is what happens when people give you chillies they have grown themselves and you just whack a whole one in your food. So I’ve added extra apple so we don’t die of heat.

Fiery tomato and apple salsa
Fiery tomato and apple salsa

I forgot to say, croquettes would have encompassed some of my favourite things- cheese, white sauces, little comfort food bites of starchy goodness. Fortunately, salsa is also one of my favourites!


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