Tonight we are going to a bring and share birthday party. So I am about to go downstairs and make an apple crumble and a Victoria sponge (or something like it) birthday cake. I was considering one of Nigella’s store cupboard chocolate cakes, but we happen to have used up all the chocolate making truffles, so we shall see…I do like chocolate orange flavours in cake though. As I do in a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

My husband is out at the moment, kindly getting ingredients for tomorrow’s Christmas puddings: oranges, mixed dried fruit, prunes and Guinness. It also involves a good amount of black treacle. We aren’t sure we are going to be having a pudding on Christmas day yet, but even so I think it’s nice to have a couple so that you can eat them with friends or family ‘around’ the festive season. This year, we did eat our second pudding in July and it was rather strong by that point. So we may not leave the Guinness to wait that length of time next year, we shall see…


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