Comfort food leftovers


Tonight I made a fish pie (with a nice mix of fish from the fishmongers at Sainsburys, I would recommend it) with a sauce made from clotted cream and the Madeira, celery and  onion gravy from the other night, with some capers thrown in and the rest of the butternut, potato and carrot mash. It worked quite well, we had it with butter fried tomatoes with marjoram and black pepper.

My husband is now in the kitchen again, making more truffles. It’s potentially going to become an addiction, they are so very easy to make. Double the amount of chocolate to jam, melt the chocolate, mix in the jam and some alcohol if using. Put in the fridge for half an hour, roll into balls, another half hour in the fridge and then you can eat them! We did however, find that the flavours matured with age and you could taste more of the fruit after leaving them for a little bit. Thank you River Cottage!

This evening’s creation is dark chocolate, French cherry jam and Cassis!


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