Sunday chilling out

Beer bread with dates and walnuts

We were somewhat inspired yesterday by watching River Cottage ‘Three go mad at Christmas’, so today my husband has made beer bread this afternoon with pecans and dates.  We also liked their idea of truffles with jam in, so that there is a variance of fruity flavours. We bought two kinds of chocolate yesterday, in the hope that we can creatively use up about a fridge shelf’s worth of jam. My first thoughts were dark chocolate with cherry… but we have started off with milk chocolate with elderberry and sloe jellies. The mix is chilling in the fridge currently, and we will shape them into truffles (very quickly) before we need to go out later. If successful, many people we know can expect some for Christmas, we might also make ourselves some chocolate and Amarula flavoured ones or chocolate and hazelnut or chocolate and mead or chocolate and chestnut. Ah, a happy chocolatey world!


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