Catch up

Wednesday was market day in town, so we went and had a look around at lunch time. My husband got a Caribbean goat curry (which I helped him  eat). I do like goat, but I don’t think it’s for the squeamish. You have to pull the meat off the many, many bones with your teeth. We also had a look at the cupcake stall- I was interested to see a mulled wine flavoured on. This isn’t something I’d thought of before, presuming that the wine would split the mix. There was also fruit and veg, a bakers, another bakers with mostly sweet delights- current and iced buns and caramel slices. There were olives and pizzas and a fudge stall. A good selection really!

That evening we went round to my parent’s house and were given duck in an orange sauce. I love my Mum and that instead of knocking up something quick because she has more people round to feed than usual, she sees it as an excuse for a celebration.

Yesterday I went out for a day and as I was rather tired on my return, had a gluten free fish finger sandwich. Those with high food morals may object to this, but I say it’s a jolly good meal! You have the crispy fish fingers, with soft flaky middles, some hunks of (bakery) wheat free bread, only slightly toasted so that they are still soft in the middle and a nice layer of sharp tomato ketchup to cut through the starch overload. Some may add brown sauce or cheddar, I like to keep things simple. After all, sandwiches are a personal thing and everyone has their opinion on how they should really be done!


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