Meaty weekend

Today seems to be particularly protein based. We had boiled eggs for breakfast (with buttered soldiers, as one would expect) and then home made pork pies for lunch. My husband also had a Burger King. We went on an outing to Ikea, and so to keep us going afterwards we got Elk, like pepperami but…made of that friendly moose like creature instead. Tonight, I am being cooked an extremely hearty oxtail stew- it has a pork stock, Marmite, wine, garam masala, sun-dried tomato oil, potatoes, carrots, onions. There is also coincidentally, enough for a small party of people. Though there’s just two of us. I would just like to add before anyone thinks that we have majorly over indulged, that this amount of food was spread out over quite a period of time, which I think makes it seem slightly better!

Also in the stew were some exciting mushrooms. This is because we found an exciting Chinese supermarket on our way back from Ikea and went in to have a wee look around. We ended up buying a small array of interesting products- from hefty rice dumplings covered in sesame seeds and stuffed with a sweet red bean paste, to dried seaweed, to what looks like most of a tree’s worth of pieces of cinnamon. Walking round a supermarket not knowing how to cook lots of things I am seeing does make me happy, it presents as something like a joyous challenge. It has now been mentioned that we may have to celebrate Chinese New Year…!



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