Hot chocolate

We just had hot chocolate, one of my favourite things. Warm milk with hot chocolate powder (I’m not a purist but it is from France, and I believe the French know how to do hot chocolate properly). Served with grated chocolate on top (pear and almond) and chestnut liqueur. Ideally, it would have had whipped cream and marshmallows, but ah well. The marshmallows I have in currently are being saved to top a sweet potato bake for Thanksgiving….

Yesterday I made another Autumnal favourite, to take to my friend’s Bonfire Night party- toffee apples. Not the red dyed, break-your-teeth kind, but the soft fudge-y, sugary kind which stick in great gloops to the baking parchment and encourage you to eat more than one (if I do say so myself!) However, it is an old family recipe, so I can’t take any credit apart from a willingness over the years to sample them when made!


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