The last few days I have eaten extremely well. Why? Because my husband has cooked all the food and he has what I beginning to think is a perfect palette. First it was the lovely pie which I described the other day, which by the way, tasted good cold and turned into a flavoursome picnic style dish. I do love double layers of pastry after all. Then last night there was Kedgeree. However, not satisfied with just smoked mackerel, we also had smoked haddock. Beautifully flavoured, will got through almost double portions. I beginning to think that truly savoury breakfast dishes are the way forward. Or perhaps several courses, a savoury followed by a sweet. And if you haven’t overdone it the night before, why wouldn’t you fancy a spiced rice dish with hunks of smoky fish and eggs to start your day. At Easter round here, there is a tradition at a nearby church to do a ‘dawn vigil’ where they have an outside service, waiting for the sun to come up on Easter morning, and afterwards, there is usually kedgeree. Although this year it may have been bacon butties, which can’t have been that disappointing.

This evening, we are having chicken breasts stuffed with goats cheese and wrapped in prosciutto, with hand made ravioli. Going the step further from my home made wheat free pasta the other day, my husband is currently downstairs crafting beautiful little sunshine rounds of non-wheaty goodness, stuffed with a tomato, marjoram, thyme and tabasco filling. Happy weekend!


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