As MPs are arguing about jam, I thought I would do a blog about it.

What makes a good jam? My mother in law makes her jam with reduced sugar, so it’s high in flavour but not as ‘set’, my husband makes his by ‘feel’, he just sort of guesses how much to add. Most recipes do say you should use equal parts sugar and fruit. Admittedly this is not very healthy. However, who picks up a jar of fruit preserve and thinks that this is the height of good health?! It tastes good, and probably should be eaten in moderation. Jam is however, a staple of English dishes- jam and custard rolly polly pudding, jam and bread (or is that just ‘The Sound of Music’), jam dolloped in the middle of a creamy rice pudding, jam sandwiching two Victoria sponges. So we like comfort foods as a nation! I do think that people should be more aware of what is in their food and then eat with an awareness of the possible consequences, but reducing the sugar in jam just seems to take away the choice of the consumer and presumes that they can’t make healthy decisions on their own. I would opt for more education on sugar instead- it’s uses and it’s potential harmful effects!


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