This morning I made bread, not proper bread, but out of a packet. The end results have been positive, a dance, slightly sweet gluten free loaf. It’s not as satisfying as kneading your own, but still better than having the slightly disappointing crumbling and dry ‘can’t eat unless it’s toasted because the toast is so unlike bread’ supermarket versions. Admittedly it’s getting better and there are some good brands on the market doing wheat-free alternatives but it’s still about three times as much as a normal loaf because of the types of flour they have to use. It might be different if my diet was more of that in the far east- rice and noodles, or more Italian- pasta and polenta, or more North African- couscous and chickpeas, or more Indian- gram flour or more Irish- potatoes. All stereotypes I know, and I do eat all of those things. Sometimes however, nothing will do apart from a slice of crisp buttered toast, dipped into a boiled egg, or covered in Marmite or peach butter (thanks Mum!)

So here’s to bread. I love it!

Wheat free packet loaf- The results!


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