The Waitress

I thought that as I add to my list in my ‘things that inspire me’ page, I would make some further explanation on my main page.


Firstly, The Waitress

Whilst I wonder about the plot line, I like the idea of working in a pie shop. Maybe I don’t, I’ve worked in a cafe and a pub kitchen, I know it can be stressful. What I like is that the main character in this film dreams about pie flavours and fillings. I can identify with this!

My sister once made me an extremely chocolatey real-life version of a pie from ‘The Waitress’.

If you like food, shouldn’t that be how inspiration works? You see something and it translates into food. So, I feel an emotion and plan a food to go with it, but then, arguably it could start affecting people’s emotions like in ‘Simply Irresistible’, where all the food that Sarah Michelle Gellar cooks for people directly affect how they feel. Admittedly it’s not a new idea, people wouldn’t believe in chocolate or asparagus or figs or oysters as aphrodisiacs if there wasn’t some belief that they affect you emotionally, or at least physically.

I do like the idea though, I like thinking that if I make a beautiful meal with love, love will be felt by the recipient. But (my English teachers would go mad, I know), is it deeper than that? If you are cooking with love, is there a presumption that the person who’s eating your food knows that you have and therefore senses the work and thought that has gone into their meal. Or perhaps it really is just slightly magical and romantic, and the emotions that go in are the emotions that come out. I like to think that sometimes, and that’s probably why I also like (and am inspired by) two books: ‘The school of essential ingredients’ by Erica Bauermeister and ‘Garden Spells’ by Sarah Addison Allen. Enjoy!


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