I know I am not the only food lover who loves to plan. Yesterday, because I was still off work feeling dizzy and sick (the nurse says it’s an ear infection which cannot be treated, oh joy) I spent a lot of the day lying down. A nearly horizontal position is obviously good for reading (and planning) so I looked at ‘Feast’ by Nigella in depth and also a Greedy Italians book. I now have Thanksgiving, and the next month of food basically planned, plus the canapes for a Christmas Carol evening we are having and the starts of a momentous New Year’s eve feast.

I do think that to properly celebrate there should be food, and not just food but the right food. My family have become rather (in)famously known for our themed dinner parties- Narnia, Georgian, 1920s, Edwardian, Peter Pan…it’s just fun! And, it means themed food as well as dress! So for my sister’s Narnian birthday, we did a spiced Jewish lamb dish with links to’The Horse and his boy’, with sweetened water that you might find in ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’. There was snow pudding (‘The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe’) as well as Turkish delight, of course. It does give me an immense amount of satisfaction to have a theme to work to. What is it about themed food? Does it make real life more like a story? Just more interesting? Does it give something which feels worth working towards, that gives a pleasing result for the eye? Whatever the psychology, I like it. So, the next evening will be Thanksgiving, despite not being American. There will be turkey and cranberries and corn bread, but let’s not forget, my inspiration for the whole evening- tins of canned pumpkin!


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