Sick day

Having rested all of yesterday, and spent most of it lying down, I’m still not feeling well and have had to take the day off work. It’s a sad time for a food lover, I eat and it makes me feel better… and then worse.

Less about feeling sick. When I was younger, I was ill a lot. Mum said there was a year when at least one of the three of us at all times (myself and two siblings) seemed to have tonsillitis. I remember one time when I wasn’t allowed to eat. So Mum said I could draw whatever I wanted to eat when I was better and she would make it for me. I drew a detailed picture of a pie filled with chicken and sausage and whole eggs and beans and was duly made it when I recovered.

I do find food given to you when you are ill interesting. There’s the ‘nursery’ sort: comforting dairy products that hark back to nannies and kindly cooks. Fish pies, boiled eggs and toast soldiers,  rice pudding and jam. Then there are the ‘health foods’- salads of various beans and citrus fruits, filled with undoubtedly healthy but admittedly expensive super foods, which do have proven benefits but often seem…unappealing when you are recovering. Then there’s soup. Do people still take soup to people who are ill? I hope they do. I want to live in a world where your neighbour brings you round a soup which has taken at least a day to make filled with carrots and leeks and chicken and dumplings. Maybe I should be that neighbour…when I’m up to proper eating and cooking again of course!


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