Today we are going to my friend’s wedding in London. We’re set up with snacks- fruit, crisps, chocolate and I’m going to make some honey and apple flapjack in a bit. It’s all for the journey there, I do hate getting hungry and bored whilst driving!

Weddings are interesting places for food. First, there’s the canapes. At our wedding, I was made a few which were wheat free and I have a vivid memory of turning to speak to someone, and when I turned back the groomsmen had polished off the rest of the ones we could eat. Some would argue that canapes are fiddly and unnecessary but as your guests have mostly come a long way, I feel like they should be fed as often as possible, and this starts as soon as they arrive at the reception. (For us it did in fact start in the church, because we had heart shaped biscuits handed out by the church youth group in the signing of the register.) We did go to a friend’s wedding with the most amazing canapes. There were little meat skewers with a dipping sauce and tiny little cones of fish and chips. My cousin is planning on Chinese food for his nuptials next year, so perhaps it will be complicated dumplings and thinly sliced arranged and flavoured vegetables. It will be interesting to see! Then there’s the main meal. Some have a three course sit down, others a buffet. We had a hog roast with apple sauce, potatoes and salad. We did have the reception in a cow field, so it seemed an appropriate nod to the countryside.

There there’s the cake. Do you have cake!? There are lots of options now: cupcake towers, traditional fruit cake with marzipan and royal icing, different flavours per layer (the cake below is three different types of chocolate cake. There are all sorts of programmes (I like the ones on the Food Network), where they show you professionals making outrageous and colourful wedding cakes for their clients- covered in polka dots or exotic sugar craft flowers. Personally, we had a cheese tower, with fruit all around. It worked for us, we were eating huge amounts of cheese for months and months after the wedding. The cake potentially signifies something different than it once did. At first it would be a show of wealth, a collection of expensive dried fruits and preserving alcohol. A celebration cake both for the ‘BIG DAY’ and for the christening, ideally a year later. Now it’s a little something people can take home a slice of, but probably more importantly, it’s become some part of the expected wedding culture. A part of the day that people like to take photos of- whether it’s a power struggle about who holds the knife or an excuse to ruin your partner’s expensive outfit by stuffing cake in their mouth, it’s usually a bit of fun for all the family.

Well, best be off. I will report back about the wedding food today when we are back tomorrow!

A wedding cake I made for a friend's wedding


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