‘Date night’ Wednesday

DSC_0026 DSC_0029 DSC_0031

What should a date night consist of? Some would say that it has to be different to the other days of the week- a time when you go out, a time when you eat exciting, beautiful food. I guess it can be a mix. Sometimes we have beautiful meals (there was a recent occasion when I was cooked salt baked pigeons with a jus), occasionally we go out, but there are only a certain amount of times you can spend £50 plus per meal without a ‘special’ occasion to justify it. Usually, we just have time together and some gooood food. Tonight, it’s sausages, mash (carrot) with a hearty gravy. I love sausages and mash. When we were little, we lived in a village with a strong Bonfire Night tradition (they walked through the town with a marching band and lit torches) and before we went down to the celebrations, we had our very own bonfires on a plate. A pile of mash made into a triangle/bonfire shape, with sausages as logs and carrots (and I think ketchup) as flames. Another of my Dad’s creative ideas. It has become a tradition- who doesn’t like a creative pile of mash and meat? Well, most sensible people surely?! And it has become part of what I think of in the Autumn- the big events with the warming food (again, are you sensing a trend?)

It’s interesting thinking about how people remember events, and one of my ways is through food…


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