Spatchcock Tuesday

On a day when I am annoyed with our chickens (I’m wondering if you can train pecking each other out of them), it seems appropriate to be eating spatchcock, which I am reliably informed is about the size one of ours would be if we ate one.

It’s another ‘quick’ dinner, as we are out again less than an hour after we are both in the same house again. So at lunch I put a salt and peppered spatchcock in the slow cooker on high with water and some cow beans. I love cow beans. We have a great shop near us, which looks EXTREMELY uninviting from the outside, windows almost entirely blocked and really presenting as a well-stocked (with magazines) newsagents. However, when you go inside, there is a back room like an Aladdin’s treasure horde. It has food from all around the world, including lots of exciting things I ate on my gap year and haven’t had since. Hence the comforting nod of cow beans with my chicken, as I know if it’s an southern African style dish, it’s bound to be hearty and warming. If it was authentic, it really would be one of our chickens. Luckily I’m overly sentimental and I bought this one from Sainsburys…


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