Hit or miss Monday

In an effort to have a vegetarian day per week, tonight we are supposed to be having stewed beans with poached eggs. My husband has already had leftover meatloaf (in a sandwich) for lunch and is usually a little unimpressed by the lack of obvious protein in his supper. I might cheat a little, I do have some leftover pork with chestnuts that I could use as a stock. It is noticeably harder in the wintery months to think about healthy salads and the benefits of vitamins found in fruits. All I want is a hot bowl of rice pudding, or a hearty bacon and mushroom pie with a creamy sauce. Last night is a good example… I was made a huge garlicy cheesey anchovy potato bake and we ate the lot (along with four mini apple pies.) So it’s goodbye plans for a healthier lifestyle, and hello increasing waistline (until the Spring months at least!)


One thought on “Hit or miss Monday

  1. There are lots of gorgeous winter veggie options Amy! Root vegetable stew with mushrooms and dumplings; baked polenta with spinach and goats cheese; mixed bean chilli; mushroom, leek and potato ragout or a good old fashioned lentil curry are some of my favourites. You should try harder!

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