The wonders of an Indian Takeaway

My love of Indian food probably started with my Dad’s cooking. My Dad is a very fine cook but doesn’t really have much time to cook as he works a lot. So when he does have a chance, often what he makes is one of his ‘signature’ dishes. One of the best ones is a yellow and lemony Bombay potatoes. We had it a lot when I was young, or perhaps we didn’t and the flavours were just distinctive enough to stand out!

I never really thought I would be a ‘regular-at- a-takeaway’ person but since getting married, we do seem to have gone fairly often to our local Indian takeaway. It’s just easier sometimes! Also, after trying a few, we have decided this one is consistently good, you know what you’re going to get. So I have actually become that person that always orders the same ‘number’. My husband chooses something different each time, though notably consistent with the high meat content. Mine is a creamy, highly spiced but mild chicken curry with a pilau rice. After years of making Thai food which made my family literally cry, I choose myself mild curries. I am not ashamed. Why would I want to burn my mouth when I can have flavour as an alternative?

So this evening I am going round my parent’s house and we are having an Indian takeaway, unashamed of the fact that we are tired, working people, that it’s the end of the week, and that there’s something immensely satisfying in eating a little bit of what you fancy…


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