Pork in cider

Thursday night and my sister and friend are coming round for a girl’s catch-up evening. More of a general get together really, as I did already meet up with my sister at lunch time. I’m going to make pork in cider. With more chestnuts (it was a huge tin, but it’s not really a hardship.) On an off note, why are chestnuts so expensive? They are rather bounteous… Is it because it’s so annoying to peel them? Or because, like many things which used to be for the poor- oysters, truffles, etc, they are now taken on by rich people and therefore too expensive in the every day for the ‘average Joe’. Who is Joe anyway?

Back to the pork… I’m going to fry onions and garlic, brown off the pork and throw it in the slow cooker on high to finish off with some ‘vintage’ cider (thank you Sainsburys) and slices of apple. I’m going to do baked potatoes with it and probably some peas. Last minute I will add the chestnuts as they don’t really take long to cook and I don’t want them to disintegrate into a very sweet mush.

Should there be pudding? Perhaps… I will have to raid the cupboard and see what’s there, although it will probably end up being ice cream with pomegranate seeds. Happy girls night!

After all that, I’ve made a chocolate bread pudding- here it is pre-baking!



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