Tonight, it’s shepherd’s pie. It was admittedly supposed to be the evening in which I was cooked a meal by my husband, but I didn’t like the idea of waiting and so I’ve started frying onions, carrots and parsnips in oil with some herbs.  Then it’s a potato mash topping (grown in our garden, we are rather proud of them), after I’ve fried pork mince and made a thick gravy to go over the top. It’s not really that traditional but like many recipes, people have their various ideas about how they should be done. Some say that shepherd’s pie should be made out of leftover meat from the day before, some only agree with a certain type of mince. My Dad makes his with a very cheesy topping. Others add tomatoes, some wine. Despite all these differences, if we were cooking for shepherd’s in days of old, we would definitely keep to some key principles: warming  and nutritious food to help give them strength in their tiring outdoor work. So, I guess it doesn’t really matter how it’s made apart from the name we call it and hopefully, after a day in the office, not so cold as the shepherd’s field, I will feel the same warming glow as I serve myself and my husband with an oversized portion.


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