Sausages in a pan

Sausages in a pan

It’s Autumn! Well, Radio 4 say it will be on Thursday when we get the first frost. Nevertheless, I have started with some of my favourite food of the year- warming, comfort food! This evening it’s sausages cooked in a pan with butternut squash, onions, chestnuts and baked potatoes. There’s also a rice pudding on the go. It was going to be a Delia Smith recipe, but I didn’t pre-empt the use of evaporated milk. So, it is a milky, nutmeg slow cooked version and perhaps I will add a sprinkling of gingerbread syrup, made by my lovely sister. I do have a soft spot for flavoured syrups and liqueurs. I’m not a syrup in coffee person, and to be honest, I’m not a coffee person of any sort, but I do like a slug of sloe gin over vanilla ice cream or a hazelnut liqueur with chocolate cake. How could you not?! Anyway, I’m dreaming of warming food on frosty leaves-falling-off days…


2 thoughts on “Sausages in a pan

  1. Yum!! Great recipe ideas, Amy.
    I love shepherds’ pie with lots of cheeeeese on top.
    Never made it with pork mince you prefer making it with pork or beef?

  2. Thank you 🙂 I think I prefer pork to be honest, or turkey, cos it’s sweeter. I’m not much of a beef person! Cheeeeese is good though, added herby cheese to the mash 🙂 xxx

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